Innovative Yield Products
built on Cardano.

Optimizing capital allocation
Powering innovation, from ADA staking to emerging market SMEs.

Liquidity Bonds

Borrow and Lend ADA delegation rights. All on-chain and trustless. Lend to small stake pools, ecosystem projects, or individuals. Earn additional yield and contribute to decentralization of the network. SPOs can bootstrap small pools and projects can raise funds in a decentralized way.

liquidity bondbonds
RWA Vaults

Real world asset (RWA) vaults deploy crypto liquidity to the real world through SME lending. On-chain structuring, multiple tranches, pool coverage, and diversified lending pools. Powering innovation in the real economy with improvements from DeFi rails.

rwa vaults
Strategy Vaults

Innovative passive investment tools that optimize yield on digital assets. Increase APY and capture the best DeFi native yield opportunities. Easy deposits and withdrawals. Automate time-consuming functions and parameterize allocations based on real-time data.

strategy vaults
Structured Products

Tooling to create CDOs + novel derivatives on Cardano. Package CDOs from Liquidity Bonds and other assets.

structured products
Our Team

We’re a team of software engineers, finance experts, designers, crypto natives, and decentralization advocates.

A top-tier team with experience building DeFi on Cardano & other chains

Alumni from: MLabs IOHK, Celo, Algorand, MIT, Harvard, Cambridge.

our team
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Optim <> Liqwid Partnership
Optim + Indigo Collaboration
SPO Liquidity Bonds
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Liquidity Bonds are an innonvative financial primitive that enables users to rent ADA delegation rights to power novel use case such as SPO loans, leverage into ISOs and Intitial Bond Offerings for fund raising.

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